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Everest II Commercial Solar Double Lamps
Cat. No. GS-129F2
Weight 4 lbs

The Gama Sonic Everest II Solar Lamp is a double solar lamp head for both residential and commercial properties that features a bold statement of modern design. This commercial grade solar post light fixture comes with all necessary hardware for mounting and can be placed on any 3-inch outside diameter pole. Stylish and easy to install, this solar post light is the perfect energy and money saving alternative for commercial electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting.

The Everest II is constructed of weather-resistant, rust-resistant cast aluminum with a powder-coated black finish. It incorporates our cutting-edge GS solar LED light bulb technology and provides 360-degree illumination. At dusk, the powerful solar lamp automatically turns on and provides a direct downward illumination at a brightness of 500 lumens in the high setting and 250 lumens in the low setting in a warm white (2700K) color temperature. Once the battery has been fully charged for 3 days in direct sun, the light will last from dusk to dawn up to 5 nights in the high setting and up to 10 nights in the low setting. No wiring is needed. Just place this solar post light in a spot with ample direct sunshine and let the sun do the rest.

  • New Solar Technology: The GS solar LED light bulb is our new patented technology that takes the conventional idea of a light bulb and incorporates it into outdoor solar lamps and lamp posts. It boasts a 10-year life span and creates an abundance of light that is like the 360° light spread of a customary incandescent bulb
  • Easy Solar DIY Solution: The solar post light comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting the unit on any 3-inch outside diameter pole anywhere direct sunshine is available
  • Dusk to Dawn Performance: This solar lamp is designed to provide automatic dusk-to-dawn performance after a full day’s charge. Generally, 2-3 days with 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight on the panels produce a full battery charge (do not install in shady areas)
  • Automatically Operated: At dusk, our commercial grade outdoor solar lamp with 27 warm-white LEDs will turn on automatically and shine at a brightness of 500 lumens in the HIGH setting
  • No Electrical Wiring: No electrical wiring is required for installation, making this Everest II Commercial Solar Double Lamps the perfect light to install while offering an energy and money-saving alternative to electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting
  • Fully Solar Powered: Integrated with a powerful 10W solar panel, just place the Everest II Commercial Solar Double Lamps at your desired location, turn to either the HIGH or LOW setting, and let the sun do the rest
  • Built to Last: The Everest II Commercial Solar Double Lamps is constructed with weather-resistant and rust-resistant powder-coated cast aluminum, making it a durable and reliable asset to your home. The integrated lithium-ion battery pack is crafted to last for about 3 years, or roughly 1,000 charges

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® solar light bulbs are not to be used in electrical sockets or in other company’s solar products

Lumens 500
Light Duration 5 - 10 Nights
Battery Volt 3.7V
Battery Capacity 54Ah
Solar Panel Watts 10.0W
# of Bulbs 2

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