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Acorn Finial Solar Light
Designed to resemble early Mediterranean natural stone carved architecture, the Gama Sonic Acorn Finial Solar Accent Light is crafted from rustproof rigid resin and incorporates a speckled gray finish.

Cat. No. 138801
Weight 2 lbs

Aurora Bulb Solar Light Wall/Pier/3in
The Gama Sonic Aurora solar outdoor light fixture model GS-124FPW is an energy-saving and money-saving replacement for electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting.

Cat. No. GS-124B033
Weight 12 lbs

Baytown II Sconce Solar Lamp Set of 2
The Baytown II Sconce Solar Lamp features a sophisticated, attractive design inspired by 19th-century architecture and lighting.

Cat. No. Baytown II Sconce
Weight 4 lbs

CD Solar Light
The CDT Motion-sensor Solar Light can provide lighting wherever needed indoors or out.

Cat. No. CDT-SL8
Weight 2 lbs

Crush Light Solar Lantern
Hang it, light it, crush it. A solar-powered lantern designed for convenience.

Cat. No. GZ-32012
Weight 0.2 lbs

Farmhouse Solar Wall Light
The Gama Sonic Farmhouse Solar Wall Light is a sleek, modern design featuring advance solar window technology.

Cat. No. 130010
Weight 2 lbs

Gothic Solar Post Cap Light
The GAMA SONIC Gothic Solar Post Cap Light is a stunning and functional addition for low lighting home exterior that can mount onto any fence, deck or patio.

Cat. No. 143011
Weight 1 lbs

Gothic Solar Post Cap Light Finish Cap
The Gothic Solar Post Cap Light Finish Cap is a solar light

Cat. No. GS-PCxx
Weight 2 lbs

Orion Solar Wall Light
The Gama Sonic Orion is a single head solar lamp for a wall mount application that features a modern look with an urban industrial twist.

Cat. No. 123010
Weight 1 lbs

Pico Lamp Rural Electrification Kit
The Phocos Pico Lamp is the only lamp on the market, which has no moving parts thanks to capacitive switches

Cat. No. P-ISL120-2.0-RE-S-Set
Weight 4 lbs

Pico LED Lamp Recration/Emergency Kit 3 Watt Solar
LED Lamp Recration/Emergency Kit 3 Watt Solar

Cat. No. P-ISL120-2.0-LE-US-SET-3Wp
Weight 6 lbs

Polaris Sconce w/GS Solar Light Bulb
The Gama Sonic Polaris Solar Sconce is a single, flat-backed solar light for a wall mount application that adds sophistication for both residential and commercial properties.

Cat. No. 179x10
Weight 10 lbs

Sign Lighting Packaged
Sign Lighting Package Power Systems are complete turn key systems. All components needed for installation on your pad or pole are included. Each component in these systems has been properly matched, and field
tested for reliability.

Cat. No. PU-LS

Solar Address Sign
The Gama Sonic GS-80 solar-charged address light makes home addresses visible day or night with bright green illumination.

Cat. No. GS-80
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Area Light With Motion Sensing and Timer
The Gama Sonic 12-Watt Solar Security Area Light is a cost and energy efficient lighting solution intended to brightly illuminate the exterior of any warehouse facility, storage unit, pedestrian passage area and camping site.

Cat. No. 201iS60822
Weight 12 lbs

Solar Coach Lantern with GS Solar LED
The Gama Sonic Solar Coach Lantern GS-1B has a warm white light creating the naturally look and feel of an electric lantern.

Cat. No. GS-1B
Weight 5 lbs

Solar Motion-Activated Security Light
Solar Motion-Activated Security Light

Cat. No. DP-XSti65
Weight 2 lbs

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