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Bird-X 10 Ft. Polycarbonate Bird Spikes
Narrow retail kit with adhesive.

Bird-X Coyote Decoy
Effective visual scare for geese.

Bird-X Gator Guard
Scares geese from ponds, lakes, pools, etc.

Bird-X Irri-Tape 25 ft
Versitle bird repeller combines visual & sound repellents.

Bird-X Prowler Owl
Airfoil Wings move in the breeze.

Bird-X Scare-Eye 3-Pack
Yellow, black & white eye Spheres. scare birds from buildings, gardens, orchards, roofs, pools & patios.

Flambeau Egret
Flambeau Egret

Floating Alligator Decoy
Add a little fun to your pond while protecting your valuable fish

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Great Horned Owl
Life-like, Natural Enemy Scarecrow® helps repel birds and pests while adding charm

Great Horned Owl Flambeau
Hangs easily from a tree, or mounts on a post.

Rotating Head Owl
Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes; helps repel birds and pests while adding charm

Solar Moler & Gopher Chaser
Drives away moles, voles and gophers Functions 24 hours a day

Solar Rotating Head Owl
No batteries needed ever!

Summit Mosquito Dunks
Natural, organic mosquito control with no poisonous chemicals.

Transonic Bugchaser
Eliminate bugs using both sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (silent-to-humans) -

Transonic PRO
Safe Indoor Pest Control. This Best-Selling electronic repeller couldn't be simpler

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