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Brass All-Fog Nozzle (NST) 1.5 in
Precision machined for optimum performance from shut off to 30° through 90° fog, these Brass All-Fog Nozzles are specifically designed for electrical fires (no straight stream).

Brass Fog Nozzles
Brass Fog Nozzles are precision machined to perform - straight stream through full fog and shutoff.

Brass Pin Rack Nozzles
Made to clip into any standard hose rack unit, Brass Pin Rack Nozzles provide easy, economical protection at the business end of a fire hose.

Brass Straight Stream Nozzle (NST)
The Brass Straight Stream Nozzle comes with a 1/2" discharge at the tip for powerful sprays that reach a long way, making this 1 1/2" x 10" nozzle ideal for industrial wash down.

Double Jacket Fire Hose
The Double Jacket Fire Hose features two jackets of 100% polyester rubber-lined material for added protection against cuts, rips, and abrasion.

FireTech™ Rack & Reel Fire Hose
Fully lined and FM approved, the FireTech™ Rack & Reel Fire Hose is for emergency use only.

Hose Reels Economy
Steel Economy Hose Reels come with a 16-gauge steel wall bracket that swings 180°. Red baked enamel finish.

Hose Reels Heavy-Duty
Offering storage for your fire hose, Heavy-Duty Hose Reels feature solid 16-gauge steel sides and hubs and come with a hook-and-loop back strap to keep hose securely wound.

Hump Racks
Hump Racks, made of red enameled steel, provide easy, stress-free fire hose storage by supporting the hose weight at its center, relieving strain on the folded ends and couplings

Pin Racks
Pre-loaded with movable pins and an automatic release mechanism, these Pin Racks are all that's needed for hanging rack and single jacket hose.

Polycarbonate Fire Hose Nozzles
An economical alternative to brass, Polycarbonate Nozzles come with an array of spray patterns - straight stream to fog. These nozzles are ideal for locations where brass theft is a concern.

Reel Cover
Made of durable vinyl, Rack Covers protect your rack hose assemblies from dirt and grime, and high visibility helps prevent tampering

Reel Covers
Made of durable vinyl, Reel Covers offer a custom fit for both economy and heavy-duty hose reels. Red.

Taraton Hose Hanger
Constructed of aluminum alloy, Taraton Hose Hangers conveniently accommodate 100' of lined or unlined hose, up to 2 1/2".

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