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2 way and 4 Way Valve Manifolds
This 2 way and 4 way manifold is designed to reduce back pressure on your system.

Air Line Reel for Air Ejects
This reel, manufactured by REELCRAFT is an ideal accessory for the AIR EJECT

Atlantic Water Gardens AutoFill Kit
Maintains consistent water level in water feature.

Auto Clean
A miniature air filter to mount in the output pressure line of the Auto Pump to trap moisture.

Auto Drain
The Auto Drain system automatically drains the moisture from the seperator each time the compressor shuts down.

Auto Drain AC
The Auto Drain system automatically drains the moisture from the seperator each time the compressor shuts down.

Auto Pump Tester
In the repair and servicing of the Auto Pump it is necessary to measure the pump's capacity, that is, how quickly will the pump pressurize a given tank.

Auto Pump Timer
Limits the duty cycle of the 12 volt Auto Pump to 1 hour running and 1 hour "OFF".

Auto Pump Timer A.C.
The A.C. Pump timer reduces pump wear and extends pump life by limited the duty cycle, specifically designed for 091-9B-1 & 091-9HP.

Auto Pump, 120V, Rebuilding Kit
Rebuilding Kit for Auto Pump Air Compressor system is a 120 volt 60 Hz

Auto Pump, 12V, Rebuilding Kit Complete
Auto P ump Rebuilding Kit (with bearing)

Automatic-Fill Valve
Adjustable Arm Can Be Used in the Vertical or Horizontal Positions

Beckett Frog Spitter
Can be used indoor/outdoor.

Beckett Gold Turtle Spitter
Beckett Gold Turtle Spitter

Black Flexible PVC Tubing
Easily accepts our barb fittings.

Black Vinyl Tubing
Easily accepts our barb fittings. Choose from 1/4" to 1-1/4" ID.

Cleanout Hose
Roll-up hose and quick connect fittings to easily connect hose to pump

Cleanout Trash Pumps
Submersible Trash Pumps

Crane Standing Spitter
Standing Crane Spitter

Crane with Lowered Head Spitter
Crane with Lowered Head Spitter 78313

Eco-Plus Economy Float Valve
Controls water level in a reservoir. Includes 1/2 brass barbed fitting.

Grundfos Accessories
Generator Interface Box for Grundfos SQFlex.

Hakko Air Pump Stand
Stands for Hakko Air pumps. 40/60/80 and 100/120

Hakko Diaphragm Kits
rebuild diaphragm kits are simple to install.

Hakko Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser
The heavy-duty memebrane with highly durable base which is constructed of molded polypropylene.

Hakko Stainless Steel Manifolds
Accepts Hakko rubber elbows and 3/4" black vinyl hose.

Hudson Valve
Maintains fluid levels using fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close.

Laguna Float Valve
Keeps pond water at desired levels by replenishing water loss.

Little Giant Auto-Fill Valve
1/2" NPT valve with adjustable float

Magnet for Hakko Pumps
Magnet for Hakko

Matala Diffuser Tubing
Matala Diffuser Tubing

Matala Dual Air Base w/ 9
Double head handles airflow from 2.8 - 8.4 cfm.

Matala Kink Free Black Flex Hose
Choose from 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inch sizes - Available in 100 foot and 25 foot rolls or by the foot.

Matala Single Air Base w/ 9
Matala offers a 9" membrane air diffuser assembly that features a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel.

Matala Weighted Air Hose
Matala thick wall, nonkinking, flexible PVC weighted hose is ideal for use in aeration systems.

Matala/Hakko Air Diffusers
Each has a 3 size barb fitting 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8"

Mounting Plate
Developed to provide a soft mount for the Auto Pump to reduce vibration and for simplified mounting

PondMaster Air Diffuser
PondMaster, Air diffusers.

SPDT float switch
The SPDT float switch can be used to control a pump in tank-filling or tank-emptying operation.

SunPumps Controllers
SunPumps PCA and PCB series pump controllers are microprocessor-controlled DC power converters designed as the interface between a DC powered pump and the power source.

SunRotor Controllers
SunRotor 5 Controller - Variable Speed Control, Timer, Molded Metal Enclosure w/ Hinged Doors, Tank-Full & Low Water Sensor Inputs

Weatherproof Adapter Kit for the Air Eject
The Weatherproof Adapter Kit provides a recessed mounting for the Air Eject and a gasketed cover which automatically closes when the air line is ejected.

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