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Antiseptic Spray
Reduces topical pain, calms minor skin inflammation, fights minor skin infection and promotes healing of the skin.

Health and Travel Pack
Packaged in a personal care travel bag that conforms to the regulation size for airline carry-on luggage

Pure Colloidal Silver by the Gallon
Colloidal silver is considered the most universal antibiotic substance. The silver particles attach to and destroy virus, fungi, bacterium, pathogens and free radicals. Harmless to healthy tissue it has no reaction with other medications.

Sanitation Spray
Spray full strength on air ducts, counter tops, garbage pails, cutting boards, and mold growing areas.

Solar Shower
Enjoy a warm shower in the outdoors with our Solar Shower.

Water Purification 16 oz
Colloidal silver is the strongest, safest broad-spectrum antibiotic known to man.

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