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SW Hinged Cover Premium Battery Enclosures
Cat. No. SWB

Hinged Cover Premium Battery Enclosures

Available in 3 sizes, SunWize F-series premium enclosures are cost-effective solutions for housing one to four batteries (up to group size 31) with supporting equipment, engineered specifically for the PV industry. The white powder coated aluminum enclosures all feature hinged, key lockable doors with dust covers on locks, NEMA3R style rainproof design, with gasketed door, special highlow passive cooling ventilation configuration with vent filtration. Mounting features include a tamper resistant mounting bracket (sold separately) allow the use of 2 8 pipe U-bolts or band clamps. An integral mounting hangar allows the box to be installed easily without removing the control equipment.

All enclosures come with 2 rear 1/2 electrical knockout and provisions for a 15 x 6.5 aluminum back side equipment mounting plate (sold separately) and provisions for a right side equipment mounting plate (sold separately). Space is provided to allow for 1 foam insulation around the battery.

Model Dimensions in. Weight lb.
F1 - 1 battery 1 x G31 20.8 x 16.00 x 9.4 25F1
F2 - 2 batteries  2 x G31 20.80 x 16.00 x 14.4 30F2
F4 4 batteries 4x G31
32 × 16 × 14.4
F4 - tall 4 batteries 4 x G31 47.00 x 16.00 x 14.4 60F4-tall
Extra Door Key #E3-5-15, Cylinder type

E-BKTSET Mounting Brackets Economy, 2in sq x 13in
F-BKTSET, Mounting Brackets premium, 2in sq x 13in


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