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Pump Plus - Auto Eject Kits
Cat. No. 091-9-12V-xxxx-KIT

The Pump Plus   is a small air compressor and a completely automatic, dual independent output, battery charger. The compressor is a standard Auto Pump. The automatic charger maintains 2 sets of batteries under independent control with a maximum output current of 15 amps. The 3 amp Battery Saver powers accessories and removes their load from the battery whenever A.C. power is applied to the charger.

The Pump Plus   charger independently senses the two sets of batteries in the vehicle and recharges each one exactly as much as required. When the batteries are fully charged, all charging stops. The state of charge of the two sets of batteries is indicated on a remotely located bar graph display whenever power is applied to the vehicle. The Battery Saver contained in the Pump Plus 2000 charger is a 3 ampere power supply with a relay to remove the accessory loads from the battery and connect them to the power supply when the charger is energized with A.C. power. This permits the charger to recharge the batteries without supplying the accessory load.

A Selector Switch is provided on the charger to operate the compressor either as a D.C. compressor or as an A.C. compressor. In either switch position the compressor operates from the vehicle’s battery. When “D.C.” is selected, the compressor operates whenever the pressure switch senses low system pressure. This is useful when parking the vehicle away from the 120 volt input power. For those operators who wish to limit compressor operation to the times when the shore line is connected to the vehicle, the Selector Switch should be placed in the “A.C.” position. This will operate the compressor when the A.C. power is available, but shuts off the compressor when the shore line is removed. In either switch position the compressor is operated by the vehicle’s battery.

PUMP PLUS 2000 Specification

Input: 120 volts, 50/60 Hz., 3.5 amps
Output: Two independent outputs, 12 VDC, @ 15 amps. max.
Voltage Sense: remote, electronic, no sense wires required.
Battery Saver: Output Voltage 12 VDC Output Current 3 amps
Indicators: Power - indicates input power applied
Battery Saver - indicates Battery Saver load exceeds 3 amps.
Bar Graph - dual bar graph, remotely located, indicates state of charge of batteries
Weight: 16 pounds
Warranty: 3 Years
Outline Drawing : 004

Input: 12 volt DC @ 12 amps
Output: .30 SCFM @ 80 PSI, .35 SCFM @ 60 PSI
Motor Type: Permanent Magnet, .10 H.P.
Weight: 6 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year
Outline Drawing : 013

Part Number Description Charger Pump IndicatorAuto Eject
52-22-1105 Pump Plus 2000 Kit Pump Plus 2000 Auto Pump 12V Dual Bar Graph Auto Eject 20WP
51-22-1204 Pump Plus 1000 Kit Pump Plus 1000 Auto Pump 12V Single Bar Graph Auto Eject 20WP
53-22-1106 Pump Plus 1200 Kit Pump Plus 1200 Auto Pump 12V Single Bar Graph Auto Eject 20WP
52-22-4106 Pump Plus 1200 HP Kit Pump Plus 1200 Auto Pump 12V HP Watertight Status Center Auto Eject 20WP


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