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Premium Electrical Tape
Cat. No. ANCOR-33x066

Quality electrical tape designed for general purpose electrical applications.
Made from low-lead 7-mil PVC material
For applications up to 600V
Temp rating up to 176°F / 80°C
UV and moisture resistant

Color Length Part # Pkg Qty
Black 3/4"x66' 331066 1/roll
Blue 3/4"x66' 332066 1/roll
Brown 3/4"x66' 333066 1/roll
Orange 3/4"x66' 334066 1/roll
Green 3/4"x66' 335066 1/roll
Red 3/4"x66' 336066 1/roll
White 3/4"x66' 337066 1/roll
Yellow 3/4"x66' 338066 1/roll
 (1 ea of black,
 red,  white,
green & yellow)
1/2"x20' 339066 5/roll


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