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Tubular Skylight Commercial Drop Ceiling Kits
Cat. No. EL-TS

Luminara Drop Ceiling Kits Tubular Skylingt Kits (ELTS) includes Dome Assembly with Scatter Disk, Roof Flashing, Light Tube and or Elbows, Luminaria Drop Ceiling Kit with Double Glaze Diffuser, Hardware Kit, Templates.

One piece aluminum flashing specially designed to fit flat or pitched roofs, with shingle, tile or foam coverings, etc...

 We offer a great variety of sizes for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. We recommend  18" sizes for flat or pitched roofs and these sizes plus 21" and 24" for commercial and industrial buildings with flat roofs.

We provide a aluminum skirt with a tile installation for extra protection on leakage, where the aluminum conforms with the tile.

White domed diffuser to soften the sunlight in any place of your home.
DO IT YOURSELF KIT Approximate Coverage Area
18" Tubular Skylight Kit - 
 Approx. 400 sq. ft
21" Tubular Skylight Kit - 
 Approx. 500 sq. ft
24" Tubular Skylight Kit -
 Approx. 600 sq. ft

A very appealing look, all our ceiling and decorative rings are made from aluminum and powder coated.    
Luminaria Drop Celiling diffuser Options
Prismatric Form (ELUM-PFOLD)
Maxlum Formd (MFOLD)

Flar Flashing
Curbed Flashing

Are you spending a lot of money to light up your office, warehouse or shop? Electricity is not cheap and it will get more expensive as demand is greater every year. Make a wise investment by lighting up your facility with tubular skylights, at the same time you will fight pollution produced by electricity generators.
  Our own facility is brightened with free natural light, we all enjoy the environment.

Make office work more enjoyable at daytime, no more irritaded eyes caused from electric lights.


Model Discription
18ELTS 18 in Skylight with 2-24in Tubes
21ELTS 21 in Skylight with 2-24in Tubes
24ELTS 24 in Skylight with 2-24in Tubes
18ELTS-L 18 in Skylight with 1-24in Tubes
21ELTS-L 21 in Skylight with 1-24in Tubes
24ELTS-L 24 in Skylight with 1-24in Tubes
18ELTS-E 18 in Skylight with 1-24in Tube
2-12in 30° Elbows
21ELTS-E 21 in Skylight with 1-24in Tubes
2-12in 30° Elbows
24 in Skylight with 1-24in Tubes
2-12in 30° Elbows


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