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Tyco SolarLok Array Output Cables single insulated
Cat. No. TYC-52.94xx

These cables have Tyco SolarLok connectors to match the connectors.  Tyco makes things complicated by selling  5 different connectors for each wire size.  They make a male and female positive and a  male and female negative.  The negative male does not mate with the positive female.  They also make a "neutral" male that will mate with the positive and negative female connectors. 

Most modules come with a neutral male on the positive cable and a negative female on the negative cable.  Using the neutral maleallows series wiring ofthe modules  The negative female can be identified by the blue o-ring on the connector.  These cables have a neutral male at one end  and  a negative female at the other so they can be used to extend  the  cables on the modules or be cut in half and used to connect to roof-top combiner.  Made with black #10 AWG USE-2 sunlight- resistant cable.

single insulated cables


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