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Sewer Hose Reverse Flush Valve
Cat. No. NTP-11-0342

Sewer Hose Reverse Flush Valve; Dual Flush PRO (TM); Use To Fill/ Rinse and Remove Residue From Black or Gray Water Holding Tanks; With Complete Valve Assembly and Anti-Siphon Valve

Camco takes the guess work out of cleaning your system. Clear, break-resistant polycarbonate adapters make it easy to see when the tank is done rinsing.

Used For: Fill/ Rinse And Remove Residue From Black Or Gray Water Holding Tanks
With Valve Assembly: Yes

  • Clean Your Entire Septic System With This Reverse Flush Valve
  • Forces Water Back Up Into Plumbing Lines To Break Up Clogs In Pipes
  • Allows To Backfill And Flush Black And Grey Water Tanks, Then Reverse Valve And Flush Sewer Drain Hose
  • Clear, Break Resistant Polycarbonate Adapters Make It Easy To See When The Tank Is Done Rinsing
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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