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Cat. No. Marconi

Marconi: 4 Instrument Weather Stations

Maximum's Marconi station is our most complete, all-digital home weather station.  Offering a dramatic display of current conditions, as well as historical data for everything from wind chill to high tide.  Marconi includes the Merlin, Mystic, Rainwatch and Cronus instruments on a solid Oak or Mahogany panel.  Available with wired or wireless instruments.

Wind, temperature, barometric pressure, time & tide and rainfall instruments, with black dials and red (LED) numerals, 

  • Digital readings for wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, rainfall, time and tide
  • High Gust, Average Wind, Wind Forecast, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rate of Change, Low Wind Chill, and two rainfall counters
Panel:    18" x 20"
Power:    Standard AC Adaptor



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