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SBS-AGM Series: Modular Battery Systems
Cat. No. 48V-AGM

2 Volt AGM Modular Battery Systems:
100 400 Ah

AGM battery systems are designed to fit the existing footprints of similar systems such as: GNB Absolyte IIP®, Tyco/Lucent AVR, Enersys DDm®, C&D Liberty 2000®, MSE®, msEndur® and East Penn Unigy II® (Deka).
Our AGM VRLA systems are offered in hundreds of different "stackable" configurations from 100Ah to 400Ah. The system comes with protective front shields, intercell connectors/cables, and modular seismic racking. Choose from a wide range of VRLA battery racks.

  • 1520 year design life at 77° F
  • Cycle life: 1200 cycles at 80% DOD at 77° F
  • 100% capacity upon delivery
  • Maintenance free no watering required
  • No corrosive fumes special battery room not required
  • Seismic modular racking available
  • Tank formed plates provide consistent and stable voltages
  • Extra space in jars for grid growth to enhance battery life
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • UL Listed UL file no. MH19767
  • AGM-100 and AGM-150 battery systems are typically in stock
  • AGM Battery Systems
  • Telecom
  • Utility
  • Oil & Gas
  • Solar / Photovoltaic
  • UPS
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Railways

The 2 Volt AGM batteries can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a seismic modular rack. When ordered with the modular racks, this system will come complete with an insulated cable kit as well as removable Plexiglas shields making this a very safe system.
SBS typically stocks 48 and 125 Vdc AGM systems complete with modular rack kits which include the intercell connectors

AGM Seismic Modular Racks for 48 Vdc Systems

Battery Type

Part No.

Rack Weight (lb.)

L x D x H (in.)





21 x 8.0 x 58

4W x 6H




25 x 8.0 x 58

4W x 6H


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