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Winged Twist-On GreenGard, Green, #95
Cat. No. GB-10-095

GreenGard Winged Twist-On Grounding Wire Connector With Corrosion Resistant Plating Protection, Green, #14-#10 AWG (5 mm²),

Specifically designed for making positive ground connections with a hole in the tip of the connector to feed ground wire through. GreenGard connectors feature the same live-action as GB WingGuard connectors with knurled wings for a sure grip and greater twisting leverage/torque. In addition GreenGard connectors offer added plating protection for corrosion resistance in grounding applications. Inside the connector a zinc-plated square wire spring ensures a secure connection that resists corrosion. The thermoplastic shell is designed for long-lasting strength and resists chemicals while the deep skirt supports smooth wire entry and coverage of stripped wires. Use for: Ground applications, Building wire, Lighting fixtures, Luminaries and signs
  • UV-resistant plastic saddle cradles and protects cable insulation
  • Zinc-plated nail resists rust and corrosion
  • Designed for use with #2 SER service entrance cables
  • Nail heads recess into the strap when fully driven into wood to eliminate snags
  • Solid copper to copper connections only

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