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Set HEX CLM and BATES 100A Pack of 60
Cat. No. MP-430126.1

Package of 60 Set Screws for #6 Wire (.375" length)
  • Use in Group5 G100F and G100M
  • Use in Bates 100A/125V: 100F, 100M, 100FR-DSS and100MR-DSS
  • Use in Bates 100A/250V: 106F-H, 106M-H, 106MR-DSS-H, 106FR-DSS-H
  • Use in CLM 15 Series Panel Mounts: CLMMR2 and CLMFR2
  • Use in CLSM 15 Series Panel Mounts: CLSMMR2 and CLSMFR2

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