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Rear Obervation System 7 in w/Heated shutter Came
Cat. No. ZD.323.1.4SH.4P

Zone Defense brand 7 monitor built tough for commercial demands.

With a new digital display, this monitor will deliver a Wide Viewing Angle and High Resolution Display along with new touch panel control buttons for faster camera and menu selections. System comes with 1 Heavy duty daynight Heated Shutter camera with audio, 7 inch Digital LCD flat panel monitor, 65ft / 20M of chemical resistant cable, mounting hardware and instructions. Rear, left and right switchers built into monitor.

  • System will handle 8-32 Volts and 4 cameras.
  • Shutter Camera with Automat heating when the camera running temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Added 12 LEDs for Further night vision.
  • Super wide 180 degree camera lens view!
  • Automatic distance gages triggered in reverse,
  • built-in 4 camera switcher foreasy installs
(No additional switchbox to install).
10G Rated Monitor, Camera IP69!

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