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30A Standard NEMA Locking Plugs
Cat. No. MP-30SNLP

30A  Standard NEMA Locking Plug
  • Housing and plug body are nylon with CTI greater than 600 volts.
  • Terminals: Clamp-type, with color-coded brass terminal screws, 10-32.
  • Blades: Blades are solid brass 0.070" thick.
  • Cord Clamp: Internal, with removable insert to accommodate cable from .325" (16/3 SJ) to .720" (10/3 S).
  • Overall Design: Three assembly screws, U-drive style.
  • All screws are combination slot/cross head.
  • Dust seal at cord entry.
  • Beveled housing.

305P 30A 125V 2P3W (L5-30P)
306P 30A 250V 2P3W (L6-30P)
3014P 30A 125/250V 3P4W (L14-30P)
3015P 30A 250V 3P4W (L15-30P)
3016P 30A 480V 3P4W (L16-30P)
3021P30A 120/208V 4P5W (L21-30P)

3014P SPEC
3015P SPEC
3016P SPEC
3021P SPEC

20A and 30A Plug and Connector Wiring Instructions


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