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Hatteras - Wireless
Cat. No. HattersW

Wind and barometric pressure instruments

Our wireless version of this classic combination of wind and pressure monitoring instruments not only looks great, but also provides the basis for determining an accurate local weather forecast.  Hatteras home weather station is an arrangement of Maximum's Wireless Maestro and Proteus instruments, along with a Wireless Receiver and a 2-instrument mounting panel. Specify altitude if above 2,000.

  • Wireless data transmission for up to 300' from external sensors to instrument
  • Readings for wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure
  • Solid brass cases
  • Solid Oak panel
Frequency:    900 mHz
Panel:    10" x 20"
Power:    Standard AC adapter

Proteus Manual (161.66 KB)
Wireless Maestro (921.14 KB)



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