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Cat. No. I-Predictor

Barometric Pressure Instruments are great for giving you a sneak peak at what the weather will be like tomorrow.  A barometer whose needle is moving clockwise, indicates improving weather and a barometer whose needle is moving counter-clockwise, indicates declining weather.  Barometers have also been know to provide early indications of aches and pains due to "that old football injury".  Maximum offers a full line of both aneroid and digital barometers which, like all of our weather instruments are made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Displays traditional barometer nomenclature (Rain/Change/Fair), as well as measurements over a 3-inch scale of mercury (28.5" - 31.5").  Accurate to ±0.16 inches of mercury. Precision German movement is displayed behind a cutaway dial.  Re-settable pointer lets you track changes in barometric pressure.

With no external wires or sensors, Predictor is an ideal barometric pressure instrument for mounting on a Mahogany or Oak Mantle Mount or Single Instrument Panel.  Specify altitude if above 2,000.

  • Barometric pressure readings from 28.5 to 31.5 inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • Traditional barometer nomenclature 'Rain-Change-Fair'
  • Resettable pointer to track changes
  • German-made movement
  • Solid brass case

Barometer:+/-0.16 inches of Mercury (inHg)
Case:6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep
Dial:4.75" Diameter
Power:Self-powered (requires no external power source)

Predictor Manual (149.84 KB)


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