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Cat. No. I-Mystic

Barometric Pressure Instruments are great for giving you a sneak peak at what the weather will be like tomorrow.  A barometer whose needle is moving clockwise, indicates improving weather and a barometer whose needle is moving counter-clockwise, indicates declining weather.  Barometers have also been know to provide early indications of aches and pains due to "that old football injury".  Maximum offers a full line of both aneroid and digital barometers which, like all of our weather instruments are made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Digitally displays both barometeric pressure and temperature readings in four different modes: Present, High, Low, and Rate of Change for barometric pressure, which shows the amount of change in inches per hour.  When connected to Merlin, the Wind Chill setting will show the effect of wind speed on temperature.   Our newest version allows you to see Low Wind Chill as well. 

Features user-selectable units of measurement for temperature (°­C, °F) and barometric pressure (inHg, mmHg, kPa, mb).  Memory data is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve data during power outages.

Ships complete with cable, AC adaptor and air temperature sensor.  Please specify altitude if above 2000'
  • Temperature readings from -30 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 to +50 Celsius))
  • Barometric pressure readings from 27.5 to 31.5 inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • Retains High and Low temperature and barometer readings until reset by the user
  • Can display current and low wind chill temperature when connected to a Merlin wind speed & direction instrument
  • 10-year data back-up
  • Solid brass case

Temperature:+/-1.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
Barometer:+/-0.08 inches of Mercury (inHg)
Case:6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep
Dial:4.75" Diameter
Power:Standard AC Adapter

Mystic Manual (516.08 KB)


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