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Wind Speed & Direction Merlin
Cat. No. Merlin

A digital wind speed instrument with a "brain" to record changes and trends as well as present wind conditions.
Readings are given in four modes: Present displays existing wind conditions. Peak gives speed and direction of highest gust since last reset. Average reveals average wind speed and direction since last reset. Forecast compares most recent 12-minute average with previous 12 minutes.

Features user-selectable units of measurement for speed (MPH, Knots, km/h or m/s) and can interface with Mystic to compute wind-chill. Merlin's memory is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve stored data.

Ships complete with: 60' sensor cable, AC adaptor, outdoor sensors and mounting hardware.

  • Wind Speed readings to 255 MPH (410 km/h, 114 m/s, 221 Knots)
  • Wind Direction displayed across 16-points (Compass Rose pattern)
  • Retains High Gust, Average conditions and 12-minute Forecast information until reset by user
  • 10-year data back-up
  • Solid Brass

Speed: +/-2% of Input & +/-1 Digit
Direction: Zero Error; +/-11.25 degrees resolution
Case: 6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep
Dial: 4.75" Diameter
Weight: 1.24 lbs.
Power: Standard AC Adapter


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