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Shelter-in-Place Kit
Cat. No. UST-20-720-01

<html The UST Shelter-in-Place Kit contains an assortment of
essential supplies you may need in an emergency. This kit has
everything you need for your family to safely have a SHELTER IN PLACE
during a severe storm.<br>


<li>(1) 10-Day Lantern (6 AA batteries included) Water resistant lantern
has 26 hour run time on high (250 lumens), 240 hour run time on low (21
<li>(1) Utility Cord 45ft of heavy duty nylon cord</li>
<li>(4) Emergency Blankets Reflective, waterproof blanket conserves up to 90% of body heat</li>
<li>(1) Hear-Me Whistle Waterproof and durable whistle emits a shrill, high-pitched sound</li>
<li>(1) Wire Saw Cuts easily through wood, rubber and plastic</li>
<li>(1) Mag Bar Magnesium  re starter with attached striker</li>
<li>(4) Emergency Ponchos Ultra lightweight poncho keeps wearer dry</li>
<li>(1) Survival Card Multi-Tool Compass, magnifier, can/bottle opener, screwdrivers, wrench, striker and knife edge all-in-one</li>
<li>(1) Bandage Kit An assortment of first aid supplies needed to treat a variety of minor injuries</li>
<li>(1) 2" x 72" (5 x 183cm) Peel Away Duct Tape Hundreds of uses for survival and outdoor applications</li>

(4) 6" (15cm) Light Sticks Battery-free emergency lighting provides hours of soft, glowing light</li>
<li>(1) 2.0 Gallon Bucket with Lid


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