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VisionStat® single wireless backup camera system
Cat. No. SP-22-10xx

The VisionStat® single wireless backup camera system gives a full picture of everything behind your vehicle. Designed for used on commercial trucks, the system offers great value with its waterproof camera and sharp, in-cab backup camera monitor.

The VisionStat wireless backup camera kit comes with the wiring harness and components to outfit most trucks. The kit includes a camera, color LCD backup camera monitor and mounting brackets – everything you need to get your system quickly up and running.

Backup Camera Monitor

Each system comes with a high quality TFT LCD color backup camera monitor that is easily installed by mounting on the dash, in the dash or on the windshield (utilizes adjustable universal mounts). For added safety and increased security, the monitor contains an audio speaker that can be utilized with the wireless backup camera. Whenever the camera is enabled, the built in microphone aids the driver by providing access to a live audio feed from the back of the vehicle.


VisionStat single camera systems include a low light CCD backup camera optimized for rear vision. It can be configured to switch on automatically when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. This 18 infrared LED camera is designed to give you improved visibility in low light – and no-light conditions. It automatically adjusts for night vision as soon as it senses low light levels that many cameras can’t use. VisionStat cameras are constructed of a metal alloy shell, designed to be waterproof for vehicle applications. While they are designed for commercial use, they can also be used as an RV backup camera, horse trailer monitoring system and even an on-board fuel tank monitoring system to assure your go-go juice doesn’t get “borrowed.”

Wireless Backup Camera Accessories

Contact your Mobile Awareness distributor to learn more about:

  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Cable Extensions: 5M (16 Ft), 10M (32 Ft), 15M (49 Ft), 20M (64 Ft), 30M (98 Ft)
  • Heavy-duty 7-pin pigtail for truck & trailer interconnect.

Exclusive Capabilities

  • Wireless Installation: Lowest cost installation, includes the ability to add and relocate additional cameras as needed
  • Integrated Control System: Wireless (2.4GHz) receiver is integrated into the backup camera’s monitor enclosure — simplifies camera switching and installation
  • Multiple Camera Support: Up to four wireless backup cameras can be added, each is supported with Wireless Audio
  • Monitor Indicates Camera View: Automatically switches and displays the word “Back” (reversing camera), “Left” or “Right” (side-view cameras) on backup camera monitor for enabled camera

Features & Benefits

  • High quality Color TFT LCD digital video backup camera monitor with built-in Wireless Radio Receiver
  • Wireless transmission allows for affordable installation – there are no time consuming wires to pull
  • High-resolution camera image, wide field of view (120°) CCD with built-in IR LED night vision
  • Audio enabled so driver can hear around, as well as see blind spot areas
  • Available in a Single, Dual, Triple (Lane View/Side View) and Quad wireless backup camera configurations
  • Waterproof cameras are constructed of a metal alloy shell to withstand vehicle shock and vibration
  • Wide viewing angle lens also available on Side Mount / Dome Mount cameras
  • Systems switches on automatically while in reverse or via left/right turn signals



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