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Outback, EnergyCell GH
Cat. No. OEGH


The EnergyCell GH Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is designed for Grid/Hybrid storage applications. EnerSys SBS EON technology incorporates TPPL AGM (Thin Plate Pure Lead Advanced Glass Mat) which allows for greater shelf life, extended float service life in optimal operating conditions, and higher energy density. The EnergyCell GH also features front terminal access with threaded copper inserts providing low maintenance and increased safety.

  • Valve regulated lead acid battery
  • Designed for Grid/Hybrid renewable energy storage applications
  • Front terminal access for ease of installation and design
  • 18-month shelf life at 25°C
  • EnerSys SBS EON technology gives higher energy density
Float Service AGM for GridHybrid Battery Back-up Applications, 12V,200AH Front Terminal VRLA battery,
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