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Water Rite Wall Mounted Deionizer Kit
Cat. No. WR-DKIT

Water Rite Battery Filler

Water Rite Wall Mounted Deionizer Kit

The Water Rite Deionizer makes pure water directly from available tap water. Each disposable resin cartridge purifies approximately 600 gallons of water and the purity light will indicate exactly when the resin cartridge is used up. Don't let impurities in the water reduce the life of your battery.

Kit Includes: Resin Purifying Cartridge, Mounting Backboard, Monitoring Light and all required hoses and fittings.

Perfectly Pressurized - to use directly with any of the Water Rite Battery Watering Guns.
600 Gallons of PURE Water - Giant Size cartridge is more than two (2) feet long and rated for 600 Gallons of PURE water for prolonging battery life.
Purity Indicator - The included Purity Indicator has a "magic eye: that monitors the conductivity of the output water continuously and signals when it is time to change the resin cartridge.


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