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Rebar Detection System PS 250 Ferroscan callibrate
Cat. No. H-3499112

Features Scans large areas of concrete quickly and easily
Provides accurate depth of cover measurements for reinforcement at depths of up to 4 in (100 mm)
Displays a clear 2D image of the reinforcement on the monitor for on-the-spot structural analysis and depth of cover assessment
Records scan data automatically over lengths of up to 30 meters and up to 9 Imagescans

Package Contents:
  • 1x PS 200 S Scanner
  • 1x AA Battery
  • 1x PSA 80 Battery pack
  • 1x PSA 82 Battery pack
  • 1x PUA 80 Battery charger
  • 5x PSA 11 reference grid - fractional
  • 1x PROFIS Ferroscan V5.7 PC software
  • 1x PUA 81 Mains adapter
  • 1x USA/CND Supply cord
  • 1x Case
  • 1x PSA 60 Soft Pouch
  • 1x PSA 61 Soft Pouch

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