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Accumate 6V/12V 1.2 amp
Cat. No. LS6/1.2

The Accumate battery charger is completely automatic, safe and simple to use. The advanced 3-stage charging program features both constant current and constant voltage charging to completely and correctly charge a variety of battery types. The Accumate will also properly maintain a battery at it's correct voltage during storage and long periods of non-use without overcharging and gassing.

The Accumate is reverse polarity protected and spark proof, and features five separate LED lights, three of which indicate a battery's charge status. For charging and for maintaining batteries up to 55ah. Comes with ring and clip style cables with a quick disconnect.

Designed for charging and maintaining motorcycle, jetski, ATV. And smaller battery types from 4ah. Also designed to maintain automotive batteries, including older antique vehicles that may have 6 volt electrical systems.


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