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Laing E Series Timer
Cat. No. LHB08260001

E1/E3 Series - Timer

To increase the overall efficiency of a domestic hot water recirculating system and to reduce water wasted while waiting for hot water, the E1/E3 Series Timer can be installed on all E1/E3 Series pumps. The timer is easily installed by removing the motor end cap, plugging in the timer and setting the timer schedule without any wiring. The timer can be used in 3-different selections: ON, OFF and TIMER. The ON selection operates the pump continuously, the OFF selection turns the pump OFF and the TIMER selection (depicted by a clock on the timer) turns the pump on when programmed.

Operational Limits
Power Supply: Internally powered by the E Series circulating pump.
Minimum Switch Interval: 30 minutes.
Run Modes: ON (Continuous), OFF (Off at all times) and TIMER (run at programmed intervals)

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