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Sonnenschein SOLAR BLOCK SB 6
Cat. No. NGSB060

Sonnenschein SOLAR BLOCK SB 6/330 A

The Sonnenschein Solar Block battery  range is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions. As well as for use in private areas like holiday and weekend houses with more consumer terminals, this range is the ideal energy source for medium industrial solar systems, small solar and wind powerstations, offshore buoys, yachts and measuring stations as well as for other safety equipment power supplies.

Terminal: A

Specifications:  Meets: UL94 HB
Type  SB 6/200 A
Part number  M84SB6V2000A
Nom. Voltage  6
C100 1,80 VpC 25°C Ah  200.00
Length in.  7.48
Width in.  9.61
Height in.  10.83
Height top of cover in.  10.00
Height over terminals in.  10.83
Weight lbs.  65.0

SB 6/330 A
Part number  M84SB6V3300A
Nom. Voltage  6
C100 1,80 VpC 25°C Ah  300.0
Length in.  12.28
Width in.  7.17
Height in.  14.13
Height top of cover in.  13.27
Height over terminals in.  14.13
Weight lbs.  105.8
Terminal  A


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