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FLEXpower TWO System
Cat. No. FP2-xx

The new FLEXpower TWO System accommodates all of the essential protective devices in an easy-to-install, fully pre-wired and factory tested dual inverter system. The FLEXpower TWO is ideal for applications with medium sized power requirements such as homes, light commercial or larger back-up power systems. Utilizing a compact design and an easy-to-install mounting plate, the FLEXpower TWO System can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space-limited locations and is designed for a quick installation, saving both time and money.

FLEXpower TWO includes two inverter/chargers, AC and DC wiring boxes, a MATE2, HUB, and Surge Protector* with optional kits for charge controllers and DC system monitoring, while maintaining a small system footprint. The FLEXpower TWO System is also equipped with battery breakers, an Input-Output-Bypass Assembly, mounting locations for GFCI Type B style AC outlets and locations for additional AC breakers.

FLEXpower TWO components carry all of the necessary ETL Certifications allowing for a code compliant installation that saves both time and money while still looking great. The OutBack Power FLEXpower TWO System is the only choice when you need a fully integrated, true sinewave, reliable power system.

Size: 20.3 H x 46.3 W. Unit weight: 177 lbs.

Part # AC Power Model Description

FP2-12 Dual Inverter System, 7KW/24VDC/60Hz, prewired AC&DC boxes w/AC Bypass, 2-250A breakers, VFX3524, x240, MATE2
006147 7200W
FP2-10 Dual Inverter System, 7.2KW/48VDC/60Hz, prewired AC&DC boxes w/AC Bypass, 2-175A breakers, VFX3648, x240, MATE2
006152 7200W FP2-29 Dual Inverter System, 7.2KW/48VDC/60Hz, pre-wired AC&DC boxes w/AC Bypass, 2-175A breakers, GFX3648, x240, MATE2
006153 6000W FP2-22 Dual inverter system 6KW/48VDC/50Hz, pre-wired AC and DC boxes with 230VAC Bypass, 2-175A breakers, 2-VFX3048E, MATE2
7000W FP2-28 Dual Inverter System, 7KW/24VDC/60Hz, pre-wired AC&DC boxes w/AC Bypass, 2-250A breakers, GVFX3524, x240, MATE2
006162 6000W FP2-24 Dual inverter system 6KW/24VDC/50Hz, pre-wired AC and DC boxes with 230VAC bypass, 2-250A breakers, 2-VFX3024E, MATE2
006182 6000W FP2-25 LA Dual inverter system 6KW/48VDC/127VAC/60Hz for Latin America, pre-wired AC and DC boxes with 230VAC



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