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Mastervolt Lithium Ion Ultimate 12/5000
Cat. No. MV-66015000

Having perfected the legendary Lithium Ion battery in a few key areas, Mastervolt has developed an unrivalled 5000 Wh powerhouse. The MLI Ultimate has an ultra-long lifespan that offers over 2000 cycles; a recharge time of less than an hour; active cell balancing for efficient and safe use of the eight Li-ion cells; and integrated battery monitoring to further simplify your system. What’s more, the Ultimate communicates directly with your Mastervolt battery charger via MasterBus to ensure the best possible recharging. Add in the fact that it takes up 70% less space and weight compared to lead acid batteries, and you’ll see why this battery is the ultimate choice.

Product code: 66015000


General specifications

Nom. battery voltage

13,25 V

Battery capacity range

380 Ah

Nom. battery power

5 kWh

Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh

622x197x355 mm
24,49 x 7,76 x 13,98 inches


56 kg
123,46 pounds

Battery monitoring


Battery terminals


Technical specifications



MasterBus compatible


Parallel connection

yes, unlimited

Series connection

2 batteries in series by means of common-rail technology

Switch off relais controls


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