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Sonnenschein 5 OPzV 250
Cat. No. M84001A6020250ST

    Sonnenschein 5 OPzV 250

In the first place, batteries of the  Sonnenschein A600 series care for undisturbed connection in telecommunication fields such as telephone exchanges or mobile  phone base stations. Further applications include emergency lighting, security, railways, utility and other power supplies for safety systems.

Design Life
Design life in years
15 blocks, 18 cells

Nominal capacity
100 - 3000Ah.

Block battery / single cell

Tubarl Plate
Tubular plate

Valve regulated lead-acid


Proof against deep discharge acc. to DIN 43539 T5

Maintenace Free
(no topping-up)

Additional features

  • Two options:
    A600 for vertical installation
    A600 WE for horizontal installation
  • Container material:
    blocks = ABS, UL 94-HB;
       optional ABS, UL 94-V0
    cells = SAN, UL 94-HB;
       optional ABS, UL 94-V0
  • Long shelf life up to 2 years at 20°C without recharge due to the very low self discharge rate
  • Cells in compliance with DIN 40742
  • EUROBAT Classification: Long Life

Specifications: Meets: UL94 V0
Type 5 OPzV 250
Part number M84001A6020250ST
DIN reference 5 OPzV 250
Nom. Voltage 2
C10 1,80 VpC 25°C Ah 262.5
Short cicuit current acc. IEC896/2 A 2706
Length in. 4.96
Installed length in. 5.28
Width in. 8.19
Height in. 14.17
Height h2 in. 15.67
Weight lbs. 50.7
Internal resistance acc. IEC896/2 mOhm 0.78
Terminal F-M8
Pole pairs 1

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