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Releasable Cable Ties
Cat. No. M-RCT

Marinco® offers a wide variety of materials, styles, and sizing options. A patented, DoubleLockô design offers increased tensile strength that is 33% stronger than the industry standard cable tie. With a unique design and high-quality construction, Marinco® cable ties provide a great solution for bundling wire, cable, hoses, cords and countless other applications.

Releasable Cable Ties
Length Color Unit Qty Item # Dubble Lock
rate Tensile Strength
8" natural 25 199240 no yes 50 lbs
8" UVB* 25 199241 no yes 50 lbs
16" UVB* 4 199242 no yes 175 lbs
28" UVB* 3 199243 no yes 175 lbs

* UV Resistant


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