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Shut Off Valve 12 Volt 1/2in Inlet/Outlet
Cat. No. 79-AFC173

Complete Name: Advanced Fuel Components Valve Bodies Brief Information: 12 Volt 1/2"" Inlet/Outlet Shut Off Valve Complete Overview:
  • 12 Volt optimal (10.5 VDC to 15 VDC).
  • Coil resitance 8.0 ohms current draw 1.7 amps max.
  • Rated working pressure 2 PSI.
  • 2 way normally closed inline solenoid.
  • Rated for fuel, LP gas, natural gas, air and other media.
  • OEM approved or 1/2"" female with pipe thread inlet, and 1/2"" female with pipe thread outlet.
  • Ambient temp rating -40°F to +195°F. or 195°F Fluid.
  • 100,000 cycle tested. Extensive test data available.
  • All construction, corrosion resistant - solid brass, plated steel, or anodized aluminum.
  • 100% tested for low and high pressure leaks.
Warranty Terms: 1 Year

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