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Bus Bars
Cat. No. K-BB

Ideal as a DC ground tie point or positive bus, these heavy duty, 500A rated bus bar assemblies feature 5/16 studs on 1 centers in 1/4 thick copper bar for common connection/distribution of large wire gauges and accommodate 5/16 ring terminals
One combination model features two 5/16 studs and eight #8 screws, accommodating multiple size wire terminals All bus material is nickel-plated copper
A clear insulating protective cover is provided to prevent short circuits and provide visibility of lugs
The mounting bases are keyed for interlocking and may be mated with the terminal strips (described above). Conductive parts are captured and recessed from the mounting surface. Use #8 or #10 screws to mount

Part Number Description Quantity of 5/16
020-3595-2 BB-2, Bus Bar 2 3.0625 1.5
020-3595-0 BB-2/8, Bus Bar 2 plus 8 - #8 screws 6.0625 1.5
020-3595-5 BB-5, Bus Bar 5 6.0625 1.5
020-3595-8 BB-8, Bus Bar 8 9.0625 1.5


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