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RoadTrip SDi - Satellite system
Cat. No. RT1200S

Special Order. RoadTrip® SDi and RoadTrip® SD Satellite TV Antennas Designed with you in mind, the RoadTrip SDi (in-motion) and SD (stationary) satellite TV antennas are equipped with all the same great features as our popular Moviní View® line, packed into a lower-profile dome.

The RoadTrip SD and SDi are just 12" high, no taller than a roof-top air conditioning unit, which makes them a great choice for RVs with height restrictions, or for those who want to minimize the appearance of the satellite on top of the RV.

One Button Operation The RoadTrip will automatically locate and lock onto the desired satellite signal within minutes with just the flip of a switch.
Compatible with DISH Network® and DIRECTV®* The RoadTrip antennas receive DIRECTV® (101° & 119°) and DISH Network® (119° & 110°) satellite signals throughout the majority of the continental U.S. In-Motion Automatic Toggle Enjoy the ease of Winegard's automatic toggle feature while stationary or In-Motion. Plus...Utilizes DVB technology for fast and accurates searches. The RoadTrip delivers maximum signal reception through a revolutionary antenna design and a superior radome to minimize signal loss.

Two Receiver ready. 32" Diameter, 12 1/2" height, 35 lbs. RoadTrip SD Stationary system upgradeable to In-Motion! Request model RT-1205. * Winegard recommends using standard Dish Network and DirecTV receivers.

Models Available: RT1200S - Stationary, White Dome, Upgradeable to In-Motion, RT1235S - Stationary, Black Dome, Upgradeable to In-Motion, RT1200T - In-Motion, White Dome, RT1235T - In-Motion, Black Dome, Recommended Accessory: HD Satellite Interface Access additional satellites for High Defintion Programming.

  • Manufacturer: Winegard
    Description: RoadTrip SDi - Stationary White


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