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Carryout® fully automatic portable satellite dish
Cat. No. 90-GM1518

The Carryout® fully automatic portable satellite dish offers your favorite satellite programming in a sleek, lightweight and easily movable system. Access satellite television anywhere you have a 12V connection or 110V with an optional converter.

The Carryout is perfect for:


Cabins & Vacation Homes

Camping and Outdoor Activities

Recreational Vehicles

Satellite TV Anywhere YOU Want It!

The Carryout automatic portable satellite dish is a true fully automatic satellite antenna. Simply turn on the Carryout and it will automatically find the satellites for you. No remote, no controls... just turn it on!

Line of site problems in your favorite RV camping spot? No problem! With a Carryout portable satellite dish, there’s no need to compromise. You can keep your great camping spot and get signal too! With 50’ coax cable included, you’ll have no problem finding a spot for the Carryout portable satellite dish to pull in signal.


Automatically find satellites - no remote or controls needed

Lightweight and durable

Easy grip handle for effortless carrying and security

Standard programming: Dish Network®, Bell TV and DIRECTV®*

HD programming: Dish Network® and Bell TV

Supports up to 2 receivers

Dimensions: 15.6" dome height, 20" diameter

Unit Weight: 13.5 Pounds

*DIRECTV: Receives all standard programming. Toggles between 101° and 119°.

DISH Network: Receives all standard and HD programming. Togles between 110°, 119° and 129°. Also compatible with Eastern Arc satellites 61.5°, 72° and 77°

Bell: Receives all standard and HD programming. Toggles between 82° and 91°.

Similar automatic portable satellite dish systems sell for over $1,300. Winegard has recommended a MSRP of only $899.00!

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