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Temp Checkô Gun Style Infrared Thermometer
Cat. No. SP- IRT200

Safety is the number on priority on any job site and with any electrical application. Any test unit that can measure or review an application without coming in contact with a live conductor is ideal and IR Thermometers allow for critical temperature measurements to be taken without touching an energized circuit. The IRT200 measures temperature without contacting the object's surface, providing fast and easy results in seconds. The laser pointer guide increases the accuracy of thermal measurements results which are displayed for easy viewing on a backlit LCD display visible in low light applications. The D:S ratio, called "distance to spot ratio" is used to state the distance, in feet, that the test unit should be from the target in order to measure a 1 ft diameter section. This unit features an 8:1 distance to spot ratio; from 8ft away the unit measures a 1 ft diameter section of the target area being measured. This unit also features a min/max function to hold either minimum or maximum reading on the display, an auto-off function to save battery life, and a low battery indicator to eliminate inaccurate reading due to a low battery.
  • 8:1 Distance to spot ratio - unit measures 1 ft diameter of target from 8 feet away
  • Backlit display for low light applications
  • Laser sighting for accurate results
  • Min/Max function to hold either minimum reading or maximum reading on the display
  • Lock mode allows continuous monitoring
  • Auto power off saves battery life and low-battery indicator eliminates inaccurate readings due to low battery

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