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Surrete Deep Cycle Commercial Flooded Batterie 8 Volt (4 Cell) Dual Container
Cat. No. S-5000-8v

Series  5000 Batteries

These flooded, deep-cycle batteries feature extended standard warranties and double insulated-enveloped positive plates that eliminate the possibility of separator misalignment, cracked separators, treeing, or shorting at the bottom or sides. Each battery cell has increased liquid reserve levels resulting in fewer watering intervals. The 5000 Series is rated for up to 15 years average life in cyclic applications. The  , handles on 5000 series are molded into the outer case.

The 5000 series are constructed in a non-breakable modular dual container. Each 2-volt cell is assembled in its own inner polypropylene container within a moisture tight, heavy-duty protective outer container eliminating damage during handling or possibility of short circuits due to water or falling metal objects. Series 5000 batteries carry a 36-month free replacement warranty (FOB factory) and include a 120-month adjustment period from date of installation (USA only). Freight allowance FOB destination with minimum weight quantities–call for details. Available dry charged.

Terminal bolts not included-specify 5/16” x 1” st-st.

8 Volt (4 Cell) Dual Container

10 Year Warranty
Series Model Plates
Capacity 1.75 VPC Length Width Height Weight
100 hr 72 hr 20 hr
5000 8 CS 17P 17 CS 770 726 546 28 1/4"
71.76 cm
8 1/4"
20.96 cm
18 1/4"
46.36 cm
294 lbs
133.36 kg
5000 8 CS 25P 25 CS 1156 1091 820 28 1/4"
71.76 cm
11 1/4"
28.58 cm
18 1/4"
46.36 cm
424 lbs
192.32 kg

8% surcharge on all dry charged Surrette batteries


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