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Auto Safe No-Load Dropout Switch
Cat. No. 091-129

Safe Unattended Shore Power Lines
Cannot Re-Latch Unless Connected to Vehicle
Fully Automatic Power Dropout
Integral GFI and Circuit Breaker
Rugged IP67 Casing
Easy Installation    

The Auto Safe No-Load Dropout Switch is a safety device designed to protect against electric shock from shore power lines. Intended for use with the Auto Eject and the Auto Charge battery charger, the Auto Safe makes shore power lines go dead immediately upon ejection/disconnection from the vehicle.
The Auto Safe cannot be reset until the power line is re-connected to the vehicle.
A circuit breaker and ground fault interrupter, GFCI, are included to provide circuit protection and to eliminate having to install these items seperately.

    Specifications: Input: 120 volts A.C., 50/60 Hz
: 120 volts A.C., 20 amperes

: 60 miliamperes

: 3 Years

4 to 6 week lead time

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