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Diamond cup wheel DG-CW
Cat. No. DG-CW


- Innovative "boomerang" segments
- For incredibly high performance on concrete, hard stone...
- New self-resharpening "spike" segments
- For removing thin coatings and perfect preparation of undergrounds in one step
- New steel body with special perforations
- For perfect dust removal and cooling of diamond segments


- For dry grinding in concrete, sandstone and masonry
- Efficient removal of thin coatings on concrete

Technical Data

DG-CW 6" B1 (spike) Cup Wheel DG-CW 6" A1 Cup DG-CW 6" C2 Cup DG-CW 6" D1 Cup DG-CW 150/6" C1
For Use With DAG 150  

Arbor 0.75 in

Base Materials Coating, Painting Screed Concrete (hard) Concrete Concrete

For coatings on concrete,
sealers and paint

For sandstone, green concrete

For hard aggregate concrete

For fine finishing on concrete,
 rounding edges


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