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Super Trailer Eject
Cat. No. 091-55-20-120T

The Super Trailer Eject is a special version of the standard Super Auto Eject automatic shoreline disconnect designed specifically for installations that do not have a "Start Signal" available to initiate ejection of the shoreline. The unit is wired to the brake lights and ejection occurs when the driver steps on the foot brake to shift into gear. An internal switch prevents the solenoid from operating when no shoreline is detected.

The Super Trailer Eject is also available in a Backwire Configuration. This configuration is especially useful in places where space is limited on the sides of the unit.

Automatically Disconnects Shoreline
Designed Specifically for Vehicles that do not have a "Starter Signal"
Completely Sealed
2 Year Warranty

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Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 122Kb)





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