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Westco 12V12B-4 Motorcycle
Cat. No. 12V12B-4

Westco Battery is a brand used by motorcycle enthusiasts, Miata owners, and remote gold caddie operators worldwide. Our commitment to you is to provide the absolute highest quality AGM and sealed Gel batteries and battery charging products. Guaranteed prompt delivery of our products from 1 of 22 of our regional locations throughout the U.S. is a promise. Most batteries are fully charged and ready to install.

These sealed batteries are built to perform. Multiple features like Absorbed Glass Mat technology showcase a completely sealed and maintenance-free battery that provides the power needed for motorcycles.


Sealed design

No liquid

Zero corrosion

Absorbed glass mat technology

Resists vibration damage.

Very low self-discharge rate

Higher cold cranking amps than stock wet batteries

Extra heavy duty terminal design

Voltage 12
Amp Hour 10
CCA* 125
Length 6"
Width 2 3/4"
Height 5 1/8"
Weight 9.5lbs

NOTE: replaces YT12B-BS, GT12B-4, or comparable batteries

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