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SVR 50-12 Sealed AGM Battery
Cat. No. SVR 50-12

SVR Audio Series Features:

Maintenance Free Construction.

Completely sealed valve regulated design eliminates acid spills and terminal corrosion.

Safe operation substantially minimizes chance of acid spray, fumes and explosion hazards when charged correctly.

Flexible design can be installed in almost any position.

Lower electrical internal resistance provides higher discharge rates.

Resists vibration damage for longer operating time.

Lightweight construction provides easy display and installation.

Requires less charging time than conventional batteries.

Rated as non-spillable by ICAO, IATA and DOT.

Have a higher amperage output than ordinary batteries.

Voltage 12
Reserve Capacity 90
Amp Hour 55
CCA* 600
Max Amps 1800
Length 9.30"
Width 5.50"
Height 9.25"
Weight 38lbs

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