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Energizer Maintiners
Cat. No. UPG-EM

Power for Every Getaway

o» Charges and maintains sealed lead-acid batteries in boats, motorcycles, ATV's snowmobiles and other vehicles

o» Conveniently and safely maintarns battery charge while in storage without having to disconnect from vehicle

o Switch-mode power for better efficiency, reliability
o Physically small and lig ht-weight
o Full 3-stage chargec not just a battery maintainer
o Short-circuit protected
o Reverse polarity protected
o Back-feed protected
o Three color charge-stage indicator
o Multiple output cords: ring-terminal for permanent mount or battery clamps for random charging
o Plastic case for electric shock protection
o Reusable cord wraps

Maintainer 1000 - 12v 1A
Maintainer 2000 - 12v 2A
Maintainer 4000 - 12v 4A


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