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Kinetik All-In-One
Cat. No. UPG-84039


  • 250 PSI internal air compressor capable of inflating an automobile tire in 10 minutes
  • Pressure gauge and ON/OFF switch
  • Compressor is thermally protected from overheating
  • Strong, fabric-covered output hose with clamp on valve stem coupler
  • Includes multiple nozzle attachments  for inflatables, tires and more
  • Two 12V DC power sockets for powering 12V accessories; protected with a 30A manual-reset circuit breaker
  • Ergonomic handle; doubles as protective housing for docked clamps
  • 12V 1 amp internal battery charger
  • Two-stage charger allows for charger to be connected to wall outlet indefinitely
  • 200 watt, DC/AC internal power inverter; ON/OFF switch and AC power outlet; fan-cooled
  • USB port
  • 12V, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 400 CA
  • Large, easy-to-use ON/OFF rotary switch to prevent sparking
  • 29 reach 4 gauge cables
  • Battery status indicator to signify the charge-state of the internal battery
  • Shorted clamps audio alarm
  • Reverse polarity audio alarm

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