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ANL Fuse Blocks
Cat. No. ANCOR-607006


<li>Fast-acting, corrosion resistant fuses open quickly to protect
circuits from overloads and shortcircuits.</li>
<li>Time-delayed to allow temporary, harmless in-rush currents to
pass but open on sustained overloads and short-circuits.</li>
<li>Each fuse tested twice to ensure highest quality.</li>
<li>Available in sizes to fit every need.</li>
<li>Glass filled nylon base for durability.</li>
<li>Fits all ANL and ANN fuses up to 800 amps.</li>
<li>UL approved.</li>

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<th>Rating (Amps) (Max)</th>
<th>Fuse Style</th>
<th>Part No</th>

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<td>Fuse Block</td>
<td>607006 </td>




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