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Attic Vent SunRise™ Solar-Powered Gable Vent Fan Kit

The SunRise™ Solar-Powered Gable Vent is designed to mount behind existing louvers on the inside of the attic. If no louver exists, one must be installed. Louvered vent should be mounted in the center of the upper portion of the gable wall as high as possible. There is some loss in fan output because louvers block some of the air flow. Metal louvers have more open area than wood louvers and usually allow more air flow.

When installing the SunRise Gable Vent behind louvers, you should seal off or box in any louver area not covered by the ventilator housing to prevent air leakage and recirculation. Allow at least one square foot of air intake area for every 300CFM of ventilator capacity. Air intake should come from the eaves (soffit), or a louver mounted on the opposite gable end of attic.

Fan housing: 24”x24” ABS plastic
Brackets: Stainless steel
Fan blade: 12” round aluminum
Solar panel: 23”x19” with frame
Wire: 15” with all connectors

Airflow:   850 - Effective for attics up to 1200 Square Feet
1050 - Effective for attics up to 1600 Square Feet
1250 - Effective for attics up to 1800 Square Feet

Gable Mount: installation sheet



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