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Solar Power Bubbler
Cat. No. SP-B

The New solar-powered aeration system offers an easy way to keep stock tanks accessible to livestock throughout the winter months. The SL-Bubbly can also be used to aerate a small pond, encouraging fish and preventing winter kill, while suppressing the growth of mosquito larvae in the warmer months. Runs 24 hr

System Description

The SL-Bubbly is designed to provide aeration in small ponds as well as de-icing for stock tanks when there is no power available to run traditional air pumps. The SL-Bubbly incorporates the use of an efficient Lithium Batteries,   air pump coupled with a small photovoltaic module. Each day the sun rises in the east, the PV module sends power to the Battery and the aerator pump which in turn delivers air through an air hose to the one-way valve located at the bottom of the tank. The air bubbled up from the bottom of the tank or pond throughout the day until the sun sets in the evening then runs on batteries all night long.

De-icing occurs during the winter months once the stock tank or pond freezes over. The frozen ice on the surface acts as an insulator to the water down below the surface. During the daytime, the SL-Bubbly activates, bubbling up the warmer water from the bottom of the tank melting a hole in the ice large enough for livestock or wildlife to drink from, thus eliminating the need for continual ice-breaking in the winter months.

The SL-Bubbly is designed for quick & easy installation. The unit is shipped assembled, the only necessary steps is to secure the unit to a post adjacent to the pond or tank utilizing the provided straps, and drop the one-way air valve into the water. It is wise to locate the PV assembly high enough on the post and fastening the excess air hose to the post to lessen the chance of livestock tampering with the unit.

Technical Data

Airline: 1/4' I.D.
Maximum water Depth: 6 ft.
Solar Module 12V |55 watts |  25.2"  x25.7"|

This product is under testing and will be available soon.

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